Childhood is a …

Childhood is a journey not a race…. Let me help you prepare for the first step of formal education – Kindergarten.

Welcome to Kindermom – your go-to place for questions, concerns, tips, and everything else in between for a successful Kindergarten year! I’m a teacher and a parent as well, and I’ve been in your shoes countless times. I’m here to share my insights and lessons learned along the way on the Kindergarten journey. Whether you need to know the best way to meet other parents, set up playdates, or how to approach a concern with a teacher, I am here to guide you. From a teacher’s perspective, yet with a parent’s approach, you will not only survive this year, but will also make it the best it can be!

Let’s get started!

I have a question for YOU! What are your feelings on homework in Kindergarten? Do you think kids should have it? Does your child enjoy doing it, or do they balk about it? Please see the poll below to help me learn more about you!


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