Supporting Challenges in Written Output – Part 3: Other Product Options

Are you concerned with your child’s pencil grip? Read below for different suggestions and helpful hints on how to strengthen their grip!

Hand In Hand

Many years ago, I was asked to assist a group of teachers with screening of children who would be entering kindergarten the following year.  Throughout the day, four- and five-year old kids were brought in by their parents; the parents filled out pre-registration paperwork while the teachers had the children perform a variety of activities to check their overall development. At one point, one of the teachers came down to my end of the table and said, “Can you please talk to the parent of the boy in the red shirt?  The mom seems kind of anxious because he’s not holding a pencil correctly, and she wants ideas about how she can help him with that skill at home.”  I walked over to the parent, introduced myself, and asked her, “Have you tried getting a grip?”  The parent apparently misunderstood me, and she said, “YES!  Every day

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