Stop trying to make your kids read

Principal Joey

Stop trying to make your kids read… Really.

Many practices in place in school today may lead to short term results for students, but what both the research and common sense tells us is that our schools are producing very few adults who love to read.  In Donalyn Miller’s great book “The Book Whisperer” she cites a 2007 AP study that reported that the average adult in the U.S. read 4 books in a year.  25% of those adults read no books at all.  While those statistics weren’t necessarily  shocking to me, what was shocking was that when teachers were surveyed, the reported levels of reading and enthusiasm for reading were no higher than for the general population.  She cites a 2004 study that surveyed college students studying to be teachers and found that a majority (54%) admitted that they were not enthusiastic about reading.  Let that sink…

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