Kindergarten Cabin Fever

Are you stuck in the house again with all of this snow? Perhaps you live in a warmer climate and the kids have been rained out again. Whatever the case maybe, we need to have alternatives to occupy our little ones besides watching TV all day long. Here is a list of suggestions to try and keep them productive:
Put on proper gear and go outside anyway!!! Even if it’s for 20 minutes- they’re not going to melt.
Make play dough
Teach them how to make healthy smoothies
Send them on a scavenger hunt in the house
Play board games
Do puzzles
Paint something
Make a collage using magazines and newspapers
Let them play restaurant
Play beauty parlor or barber shop
Set up an obstacle course
Film a home movie
Do yoga together w/a yoga CD
Blast the music and play freeze dance
Go through old photo albums together
Let then put on their bathing suits and goggles-fill up the tub and swim!
Teach them card games
Let them play dress up in their Mom and Dads closet
Face paint
Google “home science experiments”
Make a volcano
Exercise together- have gym class!

I’ve tried these all and they’ve helped pass these long, winter days. Good luck!!!


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