Choosing the right kindergarten

It is the time of year to register your child for kindergarten for September! Many of you have already done this but if not and you’re still looking around , here are a few things to keep in mind:

Does the school offer the academic excellence I am seeking for my child?
Am I able to see this school as an extension of our home in terms of what we teach our children and want to foster in them?
Is this the best place for me to establish a relationship with educators so that my child may have the best possible experience?
Does the school seem capable of reaching learners of all levels?
Do I feel well received here?
Is the classroom and the teacher warm and welcoming?
Does the school seem to have the funding necessary to make my child’s experience the best to it can be?
Is this a place I can see my child flourish and grow?
Does the school offer a home/school connection so that I may become involved and feel part of the community?
If you were answering yes to these questions , then it seems that you may have found the right school for you. Do not delay and register today!


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