The Truth

So here is something that no parent of a preK or Kindergarten age child wants to hear but I’m going to say it…. or actually, I’m going to shout it – HOLD ON TO YOUR BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh….. I’m sorry – I really am. It’s just that my first “Kindergartener” turned 18 last week and I’m struggling with it. It’s my baby – my handsome man-child who is going to college in September and I’m really, really having a hard time with it. I’m so sick of people telling me that I’ve done my job, my husband and I should be so proud and that he’s sooooo ready- because, guess what??? I’M NOT READY! I’m not – I’m being totally honest. How did I get here? How did this happen so fast? I know it’s all good. I know we are blessed. I know that he is really ready. I know that it is time. I also know that I’m the WORST at change and life as my family knows it… is about to change. The only other time in my life that I ever felt this way was when the very same son started full day Kindergarten. He was five. FIVE. That’s it? That’s all I get? I felt ripped off and I continue to feel ripped off. I am not one of those parents that has no life outside my childen or my family – not at all. But I so deeply cherish their personalities, growth, development, their friends, their friends’ families and every other single thing that they have brought into our crazy family and life. Starting Kindergarten is no different, just smaller. Life as you know it is changing – and forever. Your child is now on the school schedule that they will be on until they go off to college. So I am asking you a favor…. enjoy, cherish and savor every major milestone, accomplishment and minor step forward because in the end… they ALL add up and they ALL matter. By the way…. remember to give yourself a little credit – you’ve had a major starring role in this picture. Life is a funny and fleeting thing – enjoy and embrace it together! xo


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