Trust Your Gut

Most of you are probably set on where your little one will be going to school in September. You’ve had to decide on which school and for some of you….which grade. Transitioning from PreK to Kindergarten often gives many parents worry and concern. The question arises, “Is my child ready for Kindergarten or should they stay one more year in PreK?” Here’s my advice to you. TRUST YOUR GUT. And of course, confer with your child’s current teacher. Try hard not to be too focused on birth dates, size, sports or any other thing that you may think should be determining factors in your child’s placement for the following year. Children will grow and develop physically and emotionally at different times just like a baby walks and talks when it is ready. If your child has the proper attention span needed for Kindergarten and  can listen and follow simple directions, they are most likely ready to go. You know your child better than anyone. Give them some credit and some room to grow. If the teacher hasn’t addressed some real concerns by this point in the year, your child is more than likely on their way to Kindergarten.


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