Happy Mother’s Day!

There are SO many ways to be a mother to our children. Some of us have given birth, some have adopted children, some have fostered them. We are step moms, mother-in-laws, grandmothers, aunts, sisters…am I forgetting anyone? I truly hope not. The role women play as mother is one that affects the lives of others FOREVER. What we say and do, how we treat our children, the examples we show, the love we give will essentially influence our sons and daughters future roles as parents and partners throughout their lives. Don’t be afraid to show your love! And not just with hugs and kisses but with rules and boundries as well. Motherhood in any form is a funny thing – It’s pretty much the MOST important role any of us will ever have in our entire lives and we don’t even go to school to learn how to do it! We don’t get a manual when we are handed our new baby or child and there is no online course to take. Nope – we simply use what we have learned in our own lives, the good and the not so good and we decide what who we want to be from there.I learned from my mom and my grandmothers. I’ve also had the tremendous blessing of learning from my two sisters. I want to thank all of them today for all that I have learned from them. I also have to thank another special group of women – my friends. Thank you for the times that you mothered my children – when you watched them for me, picked them up for me, welcomed them into your home as one of your own, taught them right from wrong and so much more. Thank you to my friends for also mothering me when I needed it – when I needed another mom’s opinion on how to handle a situtation with one of my children, when I needed comfort after making a parenting mistake or headed into unchartered terroitory and had to make some big decisions – thank you. I am blessed and I am a better Mom because of all of you. Happy Mother’s Day!!! xo


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