Coming to an End

As the school year comes to an end, I start to worry if my students will remember this beautiful and amazing year we’ve just spent together. I mean…they ARE only 5 and 6 years old. What will stay with them over the years? I love when former students come back into my classroom to see me- they always look around in amazement at how small the chairs are and start to have flashbacks of certain things they remember. I remember the playground, the fact that the teacher had the coolest white patent leather zip up “go-go” boots ( it was the 70’s!) awesome red hair that was styled exactly like Marlo Thomas from the show “That Girl” (I’m showing my age) and that my Aunt Jean brought in the milk containers every day and waved to me. I also remember planting marigold seeds in one of those milk containers with dirt after we cut the top part off. What do YOU remember about kindergarten? I would really love to know. Please share anything and everything you’ve got. Can’t wait to hear from you!!!


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