BEST End of the Year Gift for Every Teacher

Gift cards, candles, scented lotion, flowers, jewelry, gift baskets, personalized items and SO much more. So very  generous and so very thoughtful! Many parents give gifts at the end of the year to thank their child’s teacher for all of their efforts and everything that their teacher has done for them throughout the year. But what many parents may not know is that there is something that every teacher wants and many will never get – a hand written note. A card. Thoughts, and reflections of the year. This is not a trumpet blowing ‘YOU’RE THE BEST TEACHER MY KID HAS EVER HAD” note. For me, it is closure and truthfully… a confirmation and/or affirmation that the parents were happy. That the children were successful. THAT I DID MY JOB. You see, my job is not what most people call “a job”. This is personal – at least to me it is. Do you realize how much time we spend together or what we share? Parents, if you get lucky, you’ll get a teacher where the realtionship goes way beyond teacher/student. If you’re really lucky you’ll get educator/child, caregiver/child, surrogate parent /child, therapist/child, nurse/child, reading specialist/child, arts and craft coordinator/child, referee on the playground/child, love your kid no matter what/child. Of course whenever I receive a gift from a student, I open the card first (exactly as my mother instructed me to do so 40 years ago) And then…if I’m lucky enough to get one of those cards – you know, the ones with the handwritten, skewed grown-up script that takes up at least one side of a card- then I’m in heaven. I can’t even wait to slowly read each and every line, every sentiment or thought that this parent has kindly taken the time to sit down and write – FOR ME. I know everyone’s time is precious and more valuable than anything that you can buy in any store. This is why I appreciate it so much. Some people don’t have time or money to get their child’s teacher a gift but they gave up what they DID have, a few minutes… to put into words what the year meant to them. THAT to me…is the greatest gift of all and for that…I thank YOU – the parents.


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