Getting Ready for School

I hate to even say the “S” word just yet, really I do. We haven’t even taken vacation yet! But as each day passes I hear that little voice telling me that it’s time to at least START thinking about getting ready for school.  Now if only I could find that list that the teacher gave me in June that perfectly spelled out everything I need to get my child ready  for September…. I wasn’t even going to buy a single pencil, crayon or notebook yet but everywhere I go there are “Back to School” signs and they are making me nervous! So now I find myself picking up things here and there so as to avoid the mad rush that will ensue within just a few weeks. Getting ready entails, backpacks, lunchboxes , school supplies, clothing, shoes, sneakers, haircuts….STOPPP!!!!! I’d rather be in the sunscreen aisle and packing up our bathing suits. Truth be told – I’m doing a little bit of both at the same time and it honestly feels a little weird. But like I said, it’s that nagging voice in the back of my head that keeps reminding me that I have a lot to do and get ready for. But what about the mental preparation? What about those parents that are trying to get their heads around the fact that their child is starting Kindergarten? (or the grown up version in my son’s case – college) How do you prepare for that? I keep finding myself having mental flashbacks of summers from so long ago when my son was an adorable little towhead with his shovel and pail. Now he’s a handsome young man with a Jeep who could use a shave…. How am I going to get ready to send him off to college? Here’s my plan (and this is based on my many years of teaching and a master’s degree in education) ….denial! Yup, that’s my plan and I’m sticking to it! Brilliant, right? At least until we return from our family time together, I am just going to be present and in the moment. I am going to take physical pictures as well as mental pictures. I am going to enjoy each day together and be grateful for time with my family. I am going to do this everyday for a week straight and I am not going to get too emotional until I absolutely can’t keep it together anymore. Whether you’re headed for the kindergarten classroom. a college campus or anywhere in between – the best way to get ready for school, is to enjoy each and every day leading up to it with the people you love and that make you happy. I hope you are all doing that somewhere right now – enjoy the rest of your summer. I plan on doing the same.


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