It’s Kindergarten registration time!!!

It’s THAT time of the year pre-K parents – Kindergarten registration! There is so much for you to be thinking about and lots of questions to ask. I remember being in your exact same position all the way back (wink! wink!) in February of 2000. My first child was in pre-K and all of the parents were talking about this process I knew nothing about. Mind you… I was then a stay at home Mom with years of teaching under my belt – I had even taught Kindergarten at this point! But for some reason in my mind, these rules just didn’t apply to me. I did not realize that I needed to be thinking months and months in advance for my then four year old’s future. The thoughts and questions that ran through my mind were probably very similar to many of the same ones you may have. However, you are raising your children in a very different world than I was at that time and your concerns have morphed into many of the same concerns that parents have today. I was concerned with curriculum, full day versus half day, proximity, reputation of the school, private versus public and what families I may have known at different schools. Today’s parents are post 9/11 parents where the issue and threat of security is on every parent’s mind every single day. I have been back in the classroom for many years now and the questions that I am getting are the same ones of yesteryear but there are more. What is your security policy? Do teachers carry their cell phones at all times? Do you practice lock down drills with the children? Can you tell me about your standardized testing procedures? What is your evaluation process? What is your opinion on summer/late birthdays and should we hold our child back? Are you a Blue Ribbon school and are you Middle States accredited? It’s exhausting….for you! I don’t envy you parents. There is so much more pressure and way too much to worry about. Let me help you and put your mind at ease. Regrading security issues – I don’t personally know of a single school that has not implemented some sort of security policy that most parents are comfortable with . That being said, it is your right and obligation to ask the questions – this is your baby after all. You’ve got to feel safe and comfortable with the environment in which your child will spend a huge portion of their day. Many of you have expressed your concern about Kindergarten readiness. What should my child know before coming in to Kindergarten in September and what should I be doing with them over the summer? I give the same answer to every parent and here it goes. Every single child is different. I BEG of you – don’t listen to other parents! Their child is not your child. Some will come into Kindergarten reading and some will not know all of their letters. Some can sit and focus for hours at a time and some can’t sit still for five minutes. Some will share beautifully and take turns and some will make a different kid cry every day. This is the nature of Kindergarten and this is where the role of the Kindergarten teacher comes into play. It is my job to see each of my students as individuals and meet their needs, whatever they may be. It is my job to bridge the gap in the classroom and get everyone on their social,emotional and academic way. Childhood is a journey – not a race. Be part of and enjoy the journey – you only go down this road once. Please check out my newly published book called “Lessons Learned: The Kindergarten Survival Guide for Parents”. I’ve shared everything I’ve learned as a teacher and a mother. It is suitable for parents and teachers of all ages. Good luck with registration and enjoy your “Lessons”! #Amazon #BarnesandNoble


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